Traveling on Indian passport

An interactive map of where all one can easily travel an Indian passport. I have added separate layers for those of you who have a Schengen, a UK, or a USA visa.

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  1. Kenya too is visa on arrival for Indian passport holders I think

  2. As per the official website, it is E-visa.

  3. can i get visa on arrival at Ecuador? Please reply me

  4. I have a valid US Visa.. can I travelto the showcased countries?

  5. Indonesia is visa on arrival

  6. At Nairobi , visa on arrival @ US$ 50 , for Indian Passport Holders!

  7. Yes, Kenya visa on arrival with Indian passport

  8. On arrival visa

  9. How About Bermuda Visa ….
    Is that On Arrival for Indian Passport ?

  10. Hi
    Any body know an Indian passport holder can travel 2 Bermuda without Visa ?
    Or need to Take Visa ?

  11. Yep…Kenya’s visa on arrival. 3-months,, for $50

  12. whats the white circle for ?

  13. Kenya Visa on Arrival option removed from Nov 2015. Now all should get the E-Visa.. I got E-Visa and went for vacation last feb 2016..

  14. I have Indian with a usa B1 visa if I want to go Taiwan so I need visa

  15. I posted the sources in the “Data Sources” section at the bottom of the blog post.

  16. @Tushar

    visa-free or visa-on-arrival places

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