Technical Work

I am a software engineer and an angel investor based out of San Francisco. Read some of my notes on programming or check out my GitHub repositories.

  1. Open-source code –, notably, a betterADB tool for Android developers, Dead link checker for websites, Circle CI tests analysis tool, a better Android CLI tool, and my configuration dotfiles
  2. Angel investments and advisory roles –
  3. A judge at various events – Venture Summit West 2019 and Startup Battle 2019
  4. Jobs & projects –
  5. Email me at ashishb AT


I enjoy traveling and writing travel blogs. Check out my travel blogs or reviews on TripAdvisor.

Top Online mentions

  1. BBC
  2. Yahoo! Finance
  3. Business Insider
  4. India Today
  5. Google scholar citations
  6. Todoist blog
  7. Eweek
  8. Android Weekly
  9. Medium