Startup valuations

In 2001, Amazon’s share price crashed from 100$ to 6$, they had to do a 15% layoff. But it was Jeff Bezos’s perseverance, tenacity and grit because of which Amazon survived. As several startups from the Bay area to Bangalore get a mark-down of their valuations, the question about how many will survive and eventually produce a [positive] return for their investors is being asked. Between what a startup’s real value is and how viable is its business model, the real question to ask is how committed are the founder(s) to make things works. In the longer run, only that will matter.

Android, Gradle and compile-time only dependencies

Android plugin for Gradle does not support Java-style compile time only dependencies.

After spending a few hours on trying to build android app targeted for Amazon SDK (without using Amazon’s Android specific plugin but just their jar stubs for maps, ADM and Home widget), I finally found that the one way to support compile-time dependencies is following.

For application project

For the library project



How to send HTML mails using Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) in python

As the title suggests, I was looking for a way to send HTML mails in python using Amazon SES but did not find anything (or maybe my search skills are bad).
So, once I found the solution, I thought I might share it with everyone.

The basic idea is that contents of the mail (raw-message) must be a JSON dictionary with “Data” as main key whose value is a key value pair containing entries with keys like “From”, “To” etc.
Sample code can be seen below.

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