Career Destination of IITians: USA vs India

I decided to explore the trend of the past decade to see what the data says about the career preferences of IIT graduates.

%age of IITK graduates in USA as a function of year of entrance

%age of IITK graduates in India as a function of year of entrance


  1. Data is only about undergraduates ( + M.Tech + M.Sc. integrated courses) – I removed data about post-graduates since I have seen that they usually follow a different career trajectory than undergraduates.
  2. It is based on the year of entrance to IIT and not the year of graduation.
  3. Few alumni went to Europe, Singapore, Korea, Middle-east, Australia, and Africa. This is not covered in the graphs.
  4. Data covers only IITK alumni. I did not have the data for the rest.
  5. Data covers all departments.
  6. The anomaly in 1997 (year of graduation=2001) is probably due to the dot-com bust and recession in the US economy in 2001.

I do believe that graphs are good enough to draw qualitative conclusions but due to the aforementioned limitations, I would suggest the reader refrain from drawing any quantitative conclusions.

The graphs are based on the data provided by Cherian Varkey Mathew.

7 Replies to “Career Destination of IITians: USA vs India”

  1. The second graph image has a typo. It should be india on y axis.

  2. Nice article. We all knew that this was the trend but it always great to have data to prove this fact.

  3. What is the authenticity of data? real source ? drpg ?? alumni association??

  4. Prateek,

    As I said earlier, the data was provided by Cherian and has been taken from unofficial sources (read social+professional networking websites)
    I would love to analyze more authentic data.
    It is NOT authentic but I believe we can still draw qualitative trends out of it.

  5. Thanks Ankur,

    I wish I had more authentic and complete data to come up with some quantitative analysis.

  6. Shashank,

    Thanks, the graph has been corrected.

  7. This is the only reason India is not doing Better Because no one wants to live in India.Then why this Guys Pursue their Graduation in India Why Not In USA.If USA is Better then India.

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