Steve Jobs

The book is 50% story of Jobs and 50% history of the Valley.
From the beginning of Apple to it becoming the world’s most valuable company, the book covers everything in depth (and is a bit too long)
Some of the key things in the book are Steve Job’s fruitarian diet, journey to India, love for absolute minimalism, extreme (positive as well as negative) treatment of employees, relation with Bill Gates (and Microsoft), battle with Google, battle with cancer and a strong belief that normal rules simply don’t apply to him.
The book covers a few major ideas including iTunes store (which brought music online), making of Toy Story, development of iPhone and iPad in detail.
At several points, the author clearly illustrates that Apple’s designers and NOT engineers make the rules, for example, during the iPhone 4 antenna fiasco.
Overall, it was a nice read, especially, when reading it along with In the Plex which is about Google.