A JPEG file can have Exif metadata which can provide the rotation/translation field information for a raw JPEG image. So, a landscape raw JPEG image could actually be a portrait because it’s EXIF orientation could be set to ORIENTATION_ROTATE_90, the best way to handle such scenarios is to either use a library like Picasso or Glide or at least learn from them. Here is a piece of code from Picasso which loads a JPEG as an in-memory bitmap and performs the right translation/rotation.

// Get the orientation
ExifInterface exifInterface = new ExifInterface(imageFilePath);
int exifOrientation = exifInterface.getAttributeInt(TAG_ORIENTATION, ORIENTATION_NORMAL)

// Take the source of these methods from 
// https://github.com/square/picasso/blob/31779ac2cb971c4534cc17bd437fab1aa0083d3d/picasso/src/main/java/com/squareup/picasso3/BitmapHunter.java#L625-L659
int exifRotation = getExifRotation(exifOrientation);
int exifTranslation = getExifTranslation(exifOrientation);

Matrix matrix = new Matrix();
if (exifRotation != 0) {
if (exifTranslation != 1) {
  matrix.postScale(exifTranslation, 1);

// Now use this matrix to create a new Bitmap from the existing Bitmap