Random thoughts: goals and company types in tech world

Company size and goals

One goal

May have multiple products but all products aimed at a single goal.
All teams are working towards the same goal.

Multiple similar goals

Have several products (or several part of single product) aimed towards different goals.
Teams gain by helping each other.
The goals to some extent are complementary but (naturally with time) diverges away from each other.
The tipping point comes when the goals become orthogonal and thus, any bonding between teams working on (orthogonal) goals goes to zero.

Multiple conflicting goals

Multiple products, success of one will kill market for the other.
Teams gain at the expense of other teams, conflicts are high.
Interestingly, the most influential people in the company control revenue-generating goals (whose best days were in the past) and they prevent company from focusing on goals aimed at smaller but fast growing areas.

* – word courtesy Peter Lynch

Note: Opinions expressed here are personal views.

FOSS (Free and Open Source Code) Licensing FAQ

There are two choices while writing on this topic. One is to write a detailed and accurate port. The other is to write a short post. I preferred the second approach and had added appropriate links to dig further.

  1. Target Audience?
    • Someone who is planning to use FOSS, free and open-source code, as a building block for their software development.
    • Someone who wants to contribute to FOSS
    • Someone who wants to release source code of their project in public

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Analysis of Facebook Rotating Images worm

If you are looking for how to avoid or recover: read this one instead.

In the past few weeks, a lot of Facebook users have received the following (or similar) messages posted by their friends
Hi Friends see Face-book images rotate 360* see here >> http://SHADYCLOUDS.TK/
Really cool Facebook revolving images. MUST SEE http://rotatingimage2.tk/.

Following are observations and analysis of the same.

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Nokia and the smartphone era

Nokia is facing some serious issues some of them are technical, but the major issue right now is how it can rebrand itself as a smartphone manufacturer (rather than just a mobile phone manufacturer).
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