Book Summary: The score takes care of itself (my philosophy of leadership)

The book┬áis written by Bill Walsh – San Francisco’s 49ers Football team coach who transformed the worst performing team of its era to the best performing team. The book talks about changes he brought in as well as his philosophy of leadership which is generic enough to apply outside of American Football. He is also known as the creator of West Coast Offense.

He brought in a Standards of Performance sets the expectations from everyone who was part of 49ers.

Process vs Result

  1. Aim for a Standard of Performance (which is absolute) vs winning (which is relative to others).
  2. “Process” of improvement leads to “result” of victory and not vice-versa.
  3. Focus on the process which produces results and not on results.
  4. Promotions/wins/sales quotas are results, they do not provide information about performance. And it’s important to dig into the performance to find the truth hidden behind these results.

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