Some notable quotes from “How to Live” by Derek Sivers.
It consists of 27 stories independent of each other.
Some contradict ideas from others.
And that’s what makes this short read even more provocative.

"How to Live" by Derek Sivers
“How to Live” by Derek Sivers

Friends are great at the right distance.
Just like you can’t read something if it’s pushed up against your face, or too far away, you should keep your friends at arm’s length — close but not too close.

The English word “decide” comes from the Latin “to cut off”.
Choose one and cut off other options.
When you commit to one outcome, you’re united and sharply focused.

Junk may reach your senses, but don’t let it reach your mind.

Thinking of the future doesn’t come naturally.
Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had to live moment-to-moment, so our tendency to focus on today is built into our biology.

Mastery is the best goal.
The rich can’t buy it.
The impatient can’t rush it.
The privileged can’t inherit it.
Nobody can steal it.
You can only earn it through hard work.

Mastery is the ultimate status.

Resist the temptation of what you want now.
Remember the importance of what you want most.

Ghosts don’t leave until you’ve understood their message.
Problems persist until you claim them and solve them.

Your feelings are wise.
Bad feelings mean you need to take action.
Good feelings mean you took the right action.

Places, like Europe, that resist change have no vision, only memories.

Modern life is shallow and distracted.
The timeless life is deep and focused.

When a culture loses its traditions, it loses its sanity too.

Knowledge is often described simply — “in a nutshell”. But the inside of a nutshell is complex.

An open mind, like an open mouth, needs to eventually close on something.

Rules may keep you from some stupendous heights, but they will always keep you from falling too low.

Time belittles anything by showing it’s not as bad as it seemed.
Humor does that instantly.

Expecting life to be wonderful is disappointing.
Expecting life to be disappointing is wonderful.