The book Magicians of the God is an interesting thesis around a lost civilization. Wikipedia has a scathing review calling the author, Graham Hancock, a pseudo-historian. However, the book has some insightful ideas.

  1. Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis has been gaining traction among scientists. There is strong evidence that a comet hit the earth near the modern-day Glacier National Park, around 10,000 BC. And this comet caused the last Ice-age on earth.
  2. Göbekli Tepe in modern-day Turkey was built around 9500 BC. It still hasn’t been fully explored. And questions the current hypothesis around how late the humans started to settle.
  3. The Egyptian pyramids depict the Orion of 10,000 BC. So, either they were built much earlier or there was something significant of that time to depict it much later.
  4. The dating of inorganic materials like building material relies on the organic material found nearby. Such organic material would be regularly recycled in case of ongoing use of a structure. Therefore, modern-day archeology underestimates how old the pyramids and other similar structures like Mount Padang might be.

Overall, it is a great book for someone interested in observing how limited our knowledge of the recent past might be.