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Two days at Zion National Park

Day 1

We did Zion Narrows on the first day. The hike consists of walking in the flowing water, which is ankle to knee-deep. Therefore, getting wetsuits and water shoes is highly recommended. The views are marvelous, and since one has to return along the same route, one can decide how far one wants to go. Total hike length is 9.4 miles, starting at the visitor center.

Zion Narrows

Zion Narrows

Day 2

We did Angel’s Landing on the second day. It’s a short 5.4 mile with steep elevation gain at the end, which requires one to hold onto chains for climbing upwards. It is similar to Half Dome hike without the long, draining walk till the last dome. Those who fear heights should avoid this. For everyone else, it is an excellent and short fitness test combined with excellent views at the end.



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