Low code

I’m a big of serverless. In fact, in 2021, I believe that it should be the default choice and one should have a strong reason to deploy their own servers.

However, I’m not a big fan of low code movement. There are tons of lessons that we accumulated over 30+ years of coding. And a low-code or a GUI throws a lot of them away. The standard way of writing code in the form of text files allows one to modify, copy, de-duplicate, and refactor code. Further, it allows one to write unit/integration tests as well as allows integration with tools for code review, code staging, code reversion, and code sleuthing. All of these abilities go away in a low-code proprietary environment where someone is writing code by drawing arrows. Is it worth it? Well, in some cases, where there isn’t enough monetary budget. In most cases, probably no.

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