1. One up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch – a good book on stock picking
  2. A random walk down the wall street by Burton Malkiel – a good book on why not to pick stocks
  3. The only investment guide you will ever need by Andrew Tobias – a hilarious summary of investing/saving and many other random money related topics
  4. The retirement miracle – For people who believe in indexed universal life insurance plans (I don’t)
  5. Where are customer’s yachts – hilarious read on wall street trader who profit on the expense of customers (won’t help in investing though).


  1. – There only guides are thorough and amazing but requires some effort to grasp (only recommended for advanced and the curious)
  2. bogleheads – Interesting forum of people who believes in Jack Bogle’s philosophy of index investing (Jack Bogle is founder of Vanguard), definitely read three-fund portfolio
  3.  Twenty Common Sense Investing rules
  4. 401(k) Guide

Good portfolio checker sites