Analysis of Facebook Rotating Images worm

If you are looking for how to avoid/recover : read this one instead.

In past few weeks, a lot of facebook users have received following (or similar) messages posted by their friends
Hi Friends see Face-book images rotate 360* see here >> http://SHADYCLOUDS.TK/
Really cool Facebook revolving images. MUST SEE .

Following are observations and analysis of the same.

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A preliminary analysis of “Bom Sabado” orkut worm

So, today morning I received an email saying I recieved an orkut scrap from a friend with contents “Bom Sabado”.
Within a minute,  I received same scrap from another friend. Now getting the feel that this must be some sort of worm, I decided to open Orkut with firebug logging enabled to see what’s going on.
It turns out that its a typical case of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), the attacked is able to include and execute its own script from hxxp:// and the contents of scrap are able to by-pass orkut sanitization.
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